Our Philosophy

Our aim is to captivate both the palate and eye by delivering the taste of fresh right to your table. We are passionate about our perfectly prepared and sustainable food supply, Sourced from a sustainable organic source, environmentally sound

What we supply

We offer a wide variety of coffee and bakery items in the morning. For the coffee products, we provide Cappuccino, Latte and Hot chocolate. For breakfast, we provide Scrambled eggs,  Sandwich,  Salad, Donuts and Muffins

we are very well known for our lunchtime deals. More information please click here!!!

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We serve customers with a wide range of variety of coffee products and also authentic breakfast menu.

Our coffee product include Cappuccino, Latte and Hot chocolate. 

Our main breakfast items include sandwich, muffins, salads and donuts etc

Special Day, Special service for you

Valentine’s Day

Customize your personal memory , just contact with us

We are now accepting bookings for the following seating times.


We are proudly supported by:  Foods Australia


Friendly mention:

We will be closed for dinner service on Christmas Eve 24th, closed Christmas Day the 25th of December, Boxing Day the 26th of December and the 27th of December. Closed New Years Day 1st of January and re opening on the 10th of January. 



We are committed for providing fresh coffee and food early in the morning.

We will have lunch special and Special afternoon tea, Please ask for the special menu!!!

Food is best enjoyed with friends and family, STRAIGHT UP COFFEE AND FOOD Always refreshing menu is fresh food inspired tapas and share plates

For recommendations please see your wait staff. Our menu changes on a regular basis

Dishes may not arrive at the same time as they are cooked to order and designed to share, we do not have entree and mains

Hope you love what we do and invite you to sit back, relax and enjoy yourself


For Vegan we supply




Tomato & avocado & corn  Wrap bring you a fresh taste!




Green & Fresh & nutrition Salad bring your daily energy! 


Our menu typically covers all varieties of coffee products and also many breakfast items.



Wanna enjoy the incredible bold coffee flavour? Here is the answer!


Wanna enjoy the rich dairy taste? Right here!

Hot chocolate

Still missing the sweet feeling? A cup of Hot chocolate​ for you!


Scrambled eggs

Bouncy & soft egg will surprise you


Roast toast & butter with special source !!!


Fresh taste surging you !!!


No one says "no" to this donut~


Infinity Muffins is waiting for you~

Fresh Seafood daily, prepared to perfection